Cowboy Slang: How To Use Cowboy Words Everyday

January 27, 2012

Howdy y'all I was fixin' to write another post on cowboy slang. I reckon this may git harder than I thought because I was hankerin' to try and use all these words in the post. I thought it would be a hoot but what in tarnation was I thinkin'! I guess I will piddle around and see what I can come up with for you folks. Some of my kin would get a kick out of me makin' a fuss over writing I should just hush but I ain't gonna do it. Some uppity folks would never understand this post and some would have a conniption fit at the use of all this fun cowboy slang. I wish I was sitting in a rocking chair on a tump out yonder writing this post for you folks but I am stuck inside. But I brung all my creativity to the table on this post so you better hollar with cheers after reading this one! I'm sure I could whup y'all in a cowboy slang contest...if there was a such thing of Well folks I have been pretty persnickety about this post on cowboy slang but I wanted to get it correct for y'all. But it's time I fetch my clodhopper's and head to a shindig where they are serving fried chicken that is some of the tastiest vittles I have ever ate. This post has been a little cattywampus but I think things will get back to normal next time. Hope you enjoyed this post!
Happy Trails...Hannah.

Old Gringo Marsha Cowgirl Boots

January 26, 2012

I got these new cowgirl boots a couple months ago and keep forgetting to post pictures of them for you fine folks! You know how I love my boots! These are Old Gringo Marsha's...they are black with turquoise flowers embroidered on them. I got a sweet deal on them because they were having a big sample sale which makes it even better! I love them! One reason I love Old Gringo boots is because they make them in a size 5...I have small feet and sometimes it is hard to find boots that small. So they fit good and are just so dag gum cute!
Happy Trails...Hannah.

Zack Walther Band "Get Up"

January 25, 2012

Heard about this band through the grapevine and am loving them! When I see people suggest names I have never heard of I always quickly look them up to see if I like them! I love music! So this is the Zack Walther Band singing Get Up! I am loving them right check them out. They have lots of good songs!
Happy Trails...Hannah.

Monday Mustache Mania: Grey Haired Mustache

January 16, 2012

Here is Monday's mustache!!! This guy is sporting a grey cowboy mustache with it longer on the sides! He looks like he is wearing it confidently...which anyone with a cowboy mustache should be! (I also love this picture because of the boy in the background with his eyes close and mouth me laugh everytime!) Hope everyone is having a fabulous Monday!
Happy Trails...Hannah.

A Day In The Life of My Instagram Photos

January 12, 2012

My favorite leather shaggy rug!
Leaving of the best feelings! Omaha, Ne skyline!
The biggest fold out camping chair I have ever seen! It has 6 cup holders!
Dinner at Texas favorite place! Love me a nice juicy medium rare steak!
My Grandpa was making a coat rack for the Sunday school kids at their church.
Awesome Goodwill finds...if only I had a kid! Cute lil' cowboy boots!
A nice cup of coffee on a Sunday mornin' in my favorite Junk Gypsy mug!
My brother playing with his lil' boy Rylan.
My nephew Rylan sleeping! So precious! I love him!
My new birthday boots! Regularly $285 and my dad got them for $49.99!
Farm fresh eggs from a man at church that bought a bunch at a sale barn.
Drive home by an amazing bright moon! Love living in the country!
A diet pepsi kind of day!

Kip Moore - Somethin' Bout A Truck

January 11, 2012

This is currently one of my new favorite songs on the radio! I love the gritty lyrics about farmers fields, pickup trucks, etc. It makes me wanna take a ride in a pickup truck out in to the country. Drive down some backroads for sure! So I always crank this one up in my car. Loving some Kip Moore!
Happy Trails...Hannah.

Monday Mustache Mania: Cowboy Mustaches Rock

January 9, 2012

This is a Cowboy rockin' a mustache like nobodies business! He really has it all cowboy hat...check, cowboy shirt...check, belt buckle...check, and cowboy mustache...check check! (I think he had cowboy boots on when I took this picture so we will...check that to!) Definitely proudly supporting the cowboy mustache!
Happy Trails...Hannah.

Baby Rylan and Great Grandma Sorenson

January 7, 2012

This is a picture I took of my nephew Rylan Grayson and his Great Grandma Sorenson on her 90th birthday! She loved holding him and just smiled!
Happy Trails...Hannah.

Turnpike Troubadours - Every Girl

January 6, 2012

On this fine Friday I thought I would share some of my new favorite music! I am loving the Turnpike Troubadours and this CD Diamonds and Gasoline. Lots of fun songs and I love their sound! You can take a little listen here and I hope you all have a wonderful Friday!
Happy Trails...Hannah.