April 8, 2011

I recently wrote this quote on my blog and am going back to it once again. It says,"Our brokenness is a better bridge to others than our pretend wholeness will ever be."- Sheila Walsh. In my life especially over the past couple years there has been lots of brokenness. We would have hard times with my brother, my parents would separate and it would end in them getting divorced. There has also been lots of things over the years that would wound my heart. But through it all even when I didn't feel like it I kept going to church. I would sit there sometimes and not feel a thing. I wouldn't even feel God move. Slowly over the past year I have started feeling God again. I knew He was always there but I just couldn't feel Him. I knew He didn't leave me during this time I was just at a huge lull...where everything just stood still for awhile. I have always felt God...and haven't ever experienced anything quite like the past couple years. I am confident enough in God that I know He had a plan during the lull...I guess it was just a time for me to sit still in my overwhelming weakness from the past couple years...I was just a worn out gal. Slowly the lull is passing though and God has been showing his face more and more. I am thankful that God never leaves us during the lulls when we are exhausted from life. So that is why I am adding this category to my blog. Because being a Christian is part of who I am...I am not perfect but my brokenness is a better bridge than my pretend wholeness will ever be...just like the quote. So I hope during the lulls of this crazy life when maybe you can't feel God...you never lose hope that He is there just holding you in His hands! This category is an area where I can share my faith with you in just an honest, tried, and true cowgirl kind of way. I hope you all have a blessed week out on your trail!

Happy Trails...Hannah.
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Amy Lou said...

Love the quote, it's so true. It's a reminder that we're not alone in our brokeness.

Happy trails to you!