December 29, 2010

I couldn't resist posting something about just wouldn't be right if I skipped over it! And now for the ol' tale about what you see in the picture above...he he! Some youngins' might not even know what this is! Ok I will get to mom and I were at the Goodwill the other night browsing all the items...looking for "treasures" we just can't live without when my mom looks at me and says: What does this remind you of? So I turn to see her standing in front of this big old antique video camera...ok maybe not antique but it's old that's for sure! I immediately say: Grandma S. She laughed and was like my thoughts exactly! So let me just tell you my mom's experience with the video camera and my Grandma S. One year when we were little my Grandma took us all to Disney World in Florida. We drove from Iowa in a big full size van...ate cheeseburgers and drank water the whole way(another story.) Anyway it was quite the trip! My Grandma wanted us to take her video camera which looked like the one above and was as big as the one above into Disney World with us so we could video. We get in there and my Grandma realizes the battery was needless to say we had to carry this big old thing all over Disney World. My mom wasn't very when she looked at this in the Goodwill...that is the memory that flooded her mind! Ha ha! Good times with Grandma S.! I'm just thankful the cameras are smaller these days!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


December 28, 2010

I came out of the house the other morning to go to work and this is what my view was! It was gorgeous...I stood in awe of this sunrise that was so grand! I loved it...I could have watched forever as time stood still for a moment while the sun rose before me! There really are no words for things like this sometimes! I'm just glad I didn't miss it!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


I love Christmas time and our gathering at the farm which is something we have done is full of eating, laughter, opening gifts, eating some more! My family enjoys each others company that's for sure! I have been blessed! Since the family has grown we draw names for giving gifts. So everyone is just buying one gift for the most part. It works out pretty well! But...every Christmas Santa gifts pop up under the tree! Most the time you don't really want to get a Santa gift...because you never know what your going to get. For example: we have a Santa that you pull its finger and it farts/talks. Whoever gets it will save it for next year and it will show up again...year after year! My mom received a full size mannequin one year (there is a story behind that one). So you have to beware of Santa gifts! The best one this year was given to my Aunt. She has been trying to get rid of this ugly wreath for awhile now. So they were doing a bunch of cleaning and she took it to the Salvation Army. My cousin told my mom and me about it. So we all decided it would be funny if we went there and bought it back to give to her for a Santa gift. So my mom was at the Salvation Army and ran across it. It showed up on Christmas under the tree as a Santa aunt barely got the box open and just started dying laughing. It was hilarious! She was like I don't want this back! Sometimes the Santa gifts are more fun than the real gifts! So my Christmas went well but kind of a relief to have it all over until next year! I hope you all had a blessed time with your families and friends! Enjoying lots of love and laughter!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


"Nobody else can wear your hat or fill your boots!"-Unknown


December 23, 2010

I can hear the laughing already from my friends from this post! The reason for this is I don't get out of the box much when it comes to music. I like country, old country, and oh did I mention country! But Kid Rock has crossed over a little into country so maybe it counts a little bit. I went and bought his new CD after hearing a few songs. I took a likin' to them and I actually really like the CD! It makes me wanna jump in the car and go road tripping! So if your looking for something new that's a little country/rock you should check out this CD! Its a keeper...even for a country gal!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


December 21, 2010

I thought I would share this cute lil' story with you about my grandparents. It will just melt your heart and make you laugh! I came home the other night and my grandpa was making his homemade carmael corn for Christmas in the kitchen. It smelled so good when I walked in the house! I was standing there taking my coat off and I looked up to see my grandma walking into the kitchen in some slippers I hadn't ever seen her wear before and they looked to big on her. Like she was shuffling to keep them on as she walked. So I asked her if she got new slippers. She got this funny look on her face and said no I didn't grandpa brought these out to me to wear because my feet were kind of cold....they are his slippers. I was just kind of like well that was nice of him. She was like yeah I told them they would be to big and he said my mom always wore my dads slippers. So of course she put them on. A little bit later after my grandpa had gone in the other room she told me he insisted on her wearing his slippers because his mom always wore his dads slippers. She said I already told him no the other day when he offered so I felt bad when he offered again. I didn't want to hurt his feelings. So here I am in these big slippers shuffling around. I just laughed! She then turned to me as she was shuffling across the kitchen and said:The things you do for love and smiled! They are so cute and still so in love! Its funny!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


December 20, 2010

I purchased a Carhartt coat this year after several years of wanting one but never breaking down and buying one. I know I'm weird. But this year I ran across a pink one that is very girly! It was done specially for Breast Cancer Awareness. The minute I saw it I was sold. It is the same rough and tough Carhartt but girly and cutesy! There is no good reason why women shouldn't be able to look cute while out doing chores, shoveling snow, or being outside in the cold. I love it and it is so warm! Mine looks just like the one on the bottom right in the picture. I kind of feel like a country wonder woman in my pink Carhartt! I feel like this link below in my Carhartt except I'm a girl and mine is cutesy pink! Enjoy this Carhartt commercial!

Happy Trails...Hannah.


December 17, 2010

"Cold as a frog's behind!"
It has been as cold as a frog's behind up here in Iowa this past week! I hate when it is just so so cold. Most days it has been below 20 but I am looking forward to the just might get up to 28!!!! Yippee! You know its pretty bad when you are looking forward to warmer weather...which just consists of being 28
degrees! Welcome to the midwest!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


December 9, 2010

We helped my mom decorate the Christmas tree this week and ordered pizza! My mom's decorations are still the ones of us kids and things we made when we were little (littler in my case). It is always fun to look back at these things as we hang them on the tree. It brings back memories of 27 years of Christmas for me...I know hard to believe...even for me! This picture above is of me and my first Christmas. I was bald and chubby! But I like to think that I was kind of cute! I love Christmas and all the traditions that come with it in our family. I love getting up early on Christmas day to go through stockings and opening presents, I love all the food that we graze on all day long! I love traditions and making new ones along with the old ones! I hope you all enjoy the holiday season and have a very Merry Christmas!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


I took these pictures on my way to work one morning this week. The sunrise was amazing. The sun was just on fire...I loved it and grabbed my camera. This is one of the joys of not living in the city...and also take note that there is no snow in these pictures...which makes me even more happy because last years dumping of snow was just a little out of hand! So this was a pretty site for December in my neck of the woods!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


December 8, 2010

"Our brokenness is a better bridge to others than our pretend wholeness will ever be."- Sheila Walsh. I literally fell in love with this quote!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


December 7, 2010

I rolled into our little gas station to fill up this morning on my way to work. I ran in grabbed a diet pepsi and pre-payed for my gas. I proceeded to pump my gas while holding on to my diet pepsi when I heard some man behind me say: drinking and driving huh? I didn't realize he was talking to me until he said it again and I turned to see him standing there smiling. It was an older man standing there in overalls beside an old pickup truck. He said howdy and said your really hitting the hard stuff...then he chuckled. I commented back and we exchanged a little friendliness. It made my morning and he didn't even know me...this is what I love about small towns. I think that we are to busy on most days to even exchange any howdys! So next time you think of it greet people with a smile and a little howdy! You will pry make their day!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


December 3, 2010

So I was talking to my sister today at work and she asked me what I was doing tomorrow (Saturday.) I of course said I have no idea...because I usually don't have to many set plans. So she asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her for a little while. I thought about it and decided that would pry work since I do need to get some Christmas presents. The next message I get from her says: "Hey do you want to come over before shopping? I will make breakfast and bloody marys! Well of course I laughed and then was like lets do it! After that I looked at my phone and had this picture above from my sister saying: I am so excited I can't stop smiling now! She is so funny! So on the agenda for tomorrow is: "Merry" Christmas shopping and bloody "merrys"! It might just make shopping bearable considering how I hate the holiday crowds!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


December 2, 2010

Sorry for the look of my blog folks! I was trying to change a few things around and got it all screwed I am in the process of doing a lil' fixin! So bear with me as I do a little experimenting!
Happy Trails...Hannah.