October 27, 2010

I found out this past weekend how small my world can be sometimes. I'm just a gal from Iowa that has only flown one other time in my life. I was with other folks so I just fell in line with them at the airport. So this attempt last weekend to fly to Oklahoma by myself was an experience. Let me give you a little background about me...I don't even like to drive by myself out in Omaha (except for work) but other than that I usually ride with someone else. I'm to small town to enjoy driving in the big city...people that know me give me a hard time about this. But I don't really care I like smaller places so you can imagine how much anxiety I had about flying by myself on an airplane, having to switch planes and find my next plane in between. It was crazy-ness! I will say that I finally made it to Oklahoma City and back home again....with a few minor delays! Once my feet were on the ground in each place I was just great...it was all the in between stuff that shook me up! I should be like an expert now...but I guess we will see! I still love the small world that I live in :o) These pictures were taken from the plane on the way home...it was the sunsetting!
It made me smile!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


October 20, 2010

"If she had one more wrinkle, she could screw her hat on!"
I would advise you to be careful who you actually tell this cowboy slang to...you wouldn't want to get some gal out there to go all "Hells Bells" on you! Ha Ha...but gals we could actually insert a he in place of the she's for all the old guys out there that are so wrinkly that we could screw at hat on them to...so gals and guys either way you want to use it enjoy your new
cowboy slang today!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


October 19, 2010

Well folks...I woke up this mornin to a text message that was sent to me at like 4:30 in the mornin from my bff Brittany. She said hey I don't know if your up yet or not but if your up before it gets light out you should check out the moon its really pretty! Well...needless to say I missed it because I was definitely not up at 4:30 in the mornin. But she knows me to well to send a message like that because she knows that I love love love things like that! So I missed the moon but I did not miss the sunrise on my way into work so I took some pictures to share with you the amazing-ness of living out yonder. It made me not want to step foot in town today and just stay out there all day long soaking up the beauty of the day and all its loveliness! So I hope you enjoy the pics of a pretty sunrise!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


October 13, 2010

This is refering to fried chicken on Sundays which I can relate to because I spent many Sundays heading out to the farm after church for Grandma's fried chicken! When I was little this is what we did every week. It was fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy...mmm it is making me hungry just talking about it all! So next time you go to have some fried chicken on Sundays you can throw out that your "eatin' the gospel bird"!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


October 11, 2010

I haven't posted any new music on here for awhile...so I thought I would share with you some of my newest tunes that I am loving! It is the new Zac Brown Band and the new Randy Rogers Band cd's! I stumbled across the Randy Rogers Band awhile back and I just love them. So if your lookin' for some new tunage for your lil' ol' ears to listen to you should definitely take a gander at these bands and their new cd's!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


October 8, 2010

This nice man let me take his picture when we were out after the rodeo! What a nice young chap...with a mustache of course! I'm diggin' it! He was rockin it at the rodeo and after party at Whiskey Tango! I figured this would give you folks something fun to take a gander at on this fine Friday!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


October 6, 2010

I might have told you this before but I'm going to tell you again...I love love love harvest time! I watch the corn change from green to golden...just fields of golden corn. It makes me anxious and I actually get a little bit excited inside (I know its ridiculous!) Then I start watching on my drives into town and back as farmers start getting their big combines out of the barns. Preparing them to bring in the harvest...the crop that they worked so hard on throughout the year. Planting and then watching it grow....this is the life of a farmer. I envy them and the lives they live! Not that it is easy I know better than anyone that it is hard work but that is what makes them farmers...different than most! One of my favorite things is to watch the combines in the fields harvesting...stirring up some dust! And I also like seeing them at night with their big headlights on still working while most are in bed fast asleep. I just watch...it makes me smile...I don't know why it captivates me so much but it does...so I am welcoming fall with harvest and cool temperatures! I love love love fall!
Happy Trails...Hannah.


October 1, 2010

I came home last night to some snail mail...which means mail that came through the U.S. Postal Service! It was a sweet card (from a boy...wink wink!)...I loved it and it made my night! Thank you to that sweet boy to! I love things like that and so do other people. So I encourage you to instead of sending an email...go ahead and send someone some snail mail...it will mean more! Make their day by finding a surprise in the mailbox...other than bills of course! :o)
Happy Trails...Hannah.