July 21, 2010

To be really honest I don't even know how to start this post and I am sure your really curious about this funny post! First of all...yes we do own a big rat in my family. This thing has been around forever! It has scared lots of people and showed up in random places. Needless to say we have had lots of fun with this big rat! A couple weeks ago it showed up again...in all its big rat glory! About that same time I stopped at my mama's house and it was sitting on this bench on her porch. It startled me when I came up onto the porch because I thought it was a stray cat sitting there. Then I realized it was just the big rat...ha ha! I asked my mom if someone was trying to scare her by putting it out there. She said well I actually found it stuffed in the mailbox the other day when I went to get the mail. I just laughed. She said she thought my brother was trying to scare her. So of course she pulled it out and just set it on this bench on the porch right next to the front door. The big rat has seriously not moved from that bench for weeks! It is ugly but doesn't phase us at all as we come and go from the house going about our daily activities. So the other day I had stopped over at my mama's house again and we went to run an errand together (our errand pry consisted of going to get an ice cream cone...because that is the cure for a hot day!) ha ha! When we came out I looked over and saw the big rat sitting there. I looked at my mom and said: Do you think it is odd that it doesn't phase us that there is a big ugly rat sitting on that bench on the porch? She just started laughing. I was like seriously for us it is like normal that it is sitting there and hasn't moved in weeks. That we pass it all the time and don't give it another thought. Its just no big deal! Not to mention that we even own one of these in the first place and it isn't just something we pull out at Halloween. But think about how it looks to everyone else who walks up on to the porch or stops by. They pry think we are weird! Or at least wonder silently in their minds why it is just sitting on that bench greeting people as they come to the front door...ha ha! We got a good laugh out of this...and just to update you all...I was over there at my mama's house last night...yep the big ugly rat is still just sitting there! Yes we are odd folks! But we do have fun! So don't be surprised if you ever showed up and saw something like this...it is totally normal in our world!
Happy Trails...Hannah.
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Diana said...

Oh, "rats" . . . where did I leave that old rat of ours??!! Oh, yeah, on the bench!!!! LOL!!