December 17, 2014

Antique Pig Feeder Decor

I thought I would share with you another easy decorating idea that I did this past year. I picked up this antique pig feeder somewhere because of course I couldn't part with it...I loved it so much! I just added a flower arrangement I put together in the top of it with some feathers. It was easy and quick! It is very rustic and looks cute hanging up or sitting somewhere in the home.

December 8, 2014

Christmas Miracle: Two Year Anniversary of Mama's Tumors

(This pic was taken in the hospital before surgery...we thought it would be good for her to see my nephew Rylan)

Yesterday marked exactly two years since we found out my mama had two brain tumors. The words below were written by me in a blog post on the exact day that me and my sister took my mama to her doctors appointment that would result in being sent straight to her normal doctor who would break the news to us that she had the tumors. It would turn into a whirlwind after those moments...being admitted straight into the hospital, going to pick up my brother and break the news to him, stopping at Wal-Mart to pick up some pajamas for her and within the next few days her having brain surgery. I will tell you that it is odd looking back at this post below because it was written before we knew that she had the tumors...a lot had gone on up until this point. But for whatever reason I had a gut feeling that the appointment we were going to take my mama to that afternoon wasn't going to be good that it would result in some hard realities for me and my siblings. I sent the post below to both my sister and brother on that day to encourage them that no matter what happened it was going to be ok. (Attached to the post was a song Washed By The Water by Need To Breathe.)

December 7, 2012

"Sometimes in life there are no words. We are going through this world quickly and are busy...sometimes we don't even notice that something is wrong before it is really wrong. As I know to well life is hard and I (nor my siblings) have been spared from hard things in fact on some days it seems that the troubles are always going to be there. That God always has a storm brewing out there for us.

On this Friday that I am writing this it is raining again...something is wrong and we don't have answers. We hear the chatter of everyone around us talking about it and their thoughts about it. But at the end of the day as I lay in bed there are no words.

Just silence, tears, and God.

So the best I can do on a day when the thing that is wrong is someone close to us and they also know something is wrong and are struggling is to bring coffee. I think that is Jesus. We both know, we know its a hard day but we don't have to talk about it...I just thought you might need some coffee. People are still people even when something is going on.

No words...just coffee...and love.

As this rain is falling...praise Him in this storm...keeps running through my head. sister and my brother...will once again stand in the rain...together just like we always have. No one will understand the dusty road we have traveled or what it is like to walk in our shoes. But we will be strong once again...for our mama who has always been strong for us and fought for us. God has never taken our family down the dusty road and not brought us through. So we will continue to praise Him in this storm...even if it is painful, it seems things are crumbling or there are no words.

"Even when the rain falls, even when the flood starts rising, even when the storm comes...I am washed in the water."

No words, Storms, and God."

As some of you know the result of that whirlwind of a couple weeks was mama had a successful brain surgery and they removed the tumors. My mama had a little bit of recovery and the only thing that was really affected was her speech. She spent time re-learning words and the meanings of some things. We considered that all minor compared to what the out come could have been. My mama likes to still use the excuse that she had brain tumors sometimes when she forgets things or messes up her words. Its kind of a joke in the family now. Needless to say we are blessed and always kind of celebrate this Christmas miracle that happened in our family. For me personally that moment changed my life and the way I look at a lot of is so short and so precious. It really puts the things that really matter into perspective. It still to this day makes me look at Christmas a little different. We were just so happy to have our mama home for Christmas that year and I always thank God for giving me these last two years with her.

December 4, 2014

From Where I Stand: Cold Winter Mornings

From Where I Stand: Cold winter mornings are something I hate. If I could I would pry fly south for the winter but lucky for me Iowa is home. You would think after thirty some years I would be used to it but not so much. There are three requirements for cold winter mornings and these are also three of my favorite things...1. Coffee...Black. 2. My new favorite slippers from Target...who doesn't love a little Aztec print. 3. Old over sized flannel's ones work great. So there you have this old gal survives winter mornings...its even better when I don't have to leave the house!

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